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Valle Andino

Yacon in vegetable capsules x 100 units

Yacon in vegetable capsules x 100 units

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  • 100% Yacon Powder
  • This product has been obtained by grinding Yacón from which the shell has been removed, dehydrated and ground.
  • Produced and packaged in Junín Peru in our FDA registered plant.

Yacón is part of the list of Peruvian superfoods thanks to its multiple health benefits. Specialists have highlighted its benefits for preventing heart ailments and the appearance of oncological problems.

USES: As a natural sweetener in smoothies and other uses.


Yacon has multiple benefits, but the main one is its beneficial effect on intestinal transit.

Reports from the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru:

Nutritionist Mewsette Pozo argues that it is thanks to its high dose of fructooligosaccharides, a type of sugar that favors the large intestine, as it supplies good bacteria to the intestinal flora. “This food can also be considered a prebiotic, helping to prevent colon cancer, improves intestinal transit, and prevents constipation.

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