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Valle Andino

Kion (ginger) in capsule x 100 units

Kion (ginger) in capsule x 100 units

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  • Ginger in 450 mg capsules in natural gelatin capsules.
  • to be consumed
  • With NOP USDA, EU and RTPO organic certification.
  • Processed in our FDA registered facility


  • It has an expectorant effect that helps relieve congestion, expelling mucus from the lungs and soothing coughs and sore throats.
  • Ginger is widely used for stomach problems, improving digestion, preventing flatulence, the feeling of nausea, dizziness and calming vomiting.
  • It has antiviral activity with respiratory viruses (several studies have determined interesting results with HRSV, rhinovirus, hepatitis C and influenza type A)

2 capsules daily

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