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Valle Andino

FortiQuick Maca Quinoa and Kiwicha 300 g pot

FortiQuick Maca Quinoa and Kiwicha 300 g pot

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  • Mixture of extruded Quinoa (Gelatinized), cooked Kiwicha and gelatinized Maca powder. Instant product.
  • Easy to prepare, it can be used directly in water, juices, or add the milk or dairy of your choice or to fortify smoothies and shakes, also to be used in KETO preparations in which a high concentration of natural protein is needed.
  • With organic certification in the field and NOP USDA, EU and RTPO processes. Without preservatives, artificial ingredients or added sugars, processed in our FDA-registered plant.


  • It contains all the essential amino acids of Quinoa (Rosada Junín variety, highly protein grain), Kiwicha considered the Gold of the Andes (rich in essential amino acids) and the adaptogenic component of Tri Maca (yellow, red and black).
  • Ideal for athletes or people who need to support themselves with healthy foods to improve their physical performance.
  • For young people and adults who need to increase muscle mass and maintain a regular and specific physical exercise regimen and a good diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins, they can use this extra protein mixture at least once a day.
  • For children and students who require healthy and natural support to achieve greater concentration and performance.

It is known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day in which we must consume at least 20g of proteins that the body needs, FORTI QUICK QKM gives you 10g of proteins in 1 well-filled tablespoon.

This product is ready to be consumed, that is, you can easily prepare smoothies with milk and fruits, egg oatmeal and whatever you want, to make your life healthier.

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