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Valle Andino

Organic Pimpernel Filter

Organic Pimpernel Filter

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  • Organic Pimpernel seeds from our farms located in Acobamba Tarma, land of the best chamomile in Peru.
  • Scientific name Sanguisorba minor
  • Transparent food grade Nylon bags, which allow you to appreciate the integrity of the product
  • Made by hand.
  • Each strainer contains 1.5 grams of whole dried seeds, makes up to 2 cups
  • Made in an industrial plant with FDA registration


  • It is used as a nerve reliever, using it for heart palpitations in nervous breakdowns, stress, anxiety and in cases when there is difficulty breathing.
  • Because it relaxes the nerves and releases the hormones necessary to relax, it helps us with INSOMNIA problems.
  • Useful in migraine and headache problems.
  • Also used in stomach problems.
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