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Valle Andino

Organic Green Coffee and Mint Filter

Organic Green Coffee and Mint Filter

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  • Ground green coffee and mint leaves
  • Oro Verde coffee powder Arabica variety, 100% raw plus mint leaves.
  • Green coffee is the unroasted bean, it contains 20% less caffeine than roasted coffee.
  • The infusion of this product is yellowish green, dense, with a flavor of asparagus, artichoke or broad beans. It does not compare at all with old black coffee, which is why mint leaves have been added to improve the flavor.
  • Transparent food grade Nylon bags, which allow you to appreciate the integrity of the product
  • Made by hand.
  • Each filter contains 5 grams of ground green coffee and 1 g of whole mint leaves.
  • Made in an industrial plant with FDA registration


  • Chlorogenic acid, among its multiple antioxidant benefits, not only helps in weight loss and burning fat, but also helps improve metabolism, reducing fatty acids, transforming them into energy.
  • It is widely used to control the fat that is ingested in abundant or high-fat meals. Taking an infusion after this type of meal will make the body metabolize these fats faster, preventing their accumulation.
  • The reference of consumers: they say they feel headache relief when they have exceeded the consumption of fats.

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