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Valle Andino

Organic Black Mashua capsules x 100 units

Organic Black Mashua capsules x 100 units

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  • Black Mashua powder, fresh processed, raw product for making mazamorras, for Novo Andina bakery and pastry shop
  • Preferably to be consumed after cooking, since it has a bitter spicy flavor typical of the product.
  • With NOP USDA, EU and RTPO organic certification. Without preservatives, artificial ingredients or added sugars, processed in our FDA-registered plant.
  • Produced in the heights of San Pedro de Cajas- Tarma Junín by small producers who are supported in the organic certification processes.


  • Black mashua is considered a powerful antioxidant, providing between 9,000 and 10,000 units of antioxidants.
  • Scientific studies have demonstrated its effectiveness against colorectal cancer and other types of cancer.
  • Its regular or moderate consumption can help reduce skin aging


In order to obtain an ideal dose of black mashua consumption, it is advisable to prepare a mazamorra that tastes almost identical to the purple corn mazamorra. This preparation can be stored for up to a week in the refrigerator and a recommended daily serving is consumed at night in order to help the body in cell regeneration.

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