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Valle Andino

Organic Yellow Maca in capsules x 100 units

Organic Yellow Maca in capsules x 100 units

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  • Small and versatile bottle that can be taken to work, for a walk, shopping in your bag or briefcase and consume maca at any time of the day. Keto-friendly, with NOP USDA, EU and RTPO organic certification, without preservatives, produced and manufactured in Peru, in a facility registered with the FDA.
  • These capsules have been made with maca. The drying process is carried out directly in the sun for three months, without using dehydrators or machines, so the nutritional values ​​are superior.
  • The importance of consuming yellow maca is because it renews you and gives you the energy you need naturally, reducing physical and mental exhaustion.
  • Maca is a superfood, it has all the minerals, amino acids and is a carrier of natural and healthy proteins. These hard capsules can also dissolve when chewed in your mouth, so you can taste the true flavor of the original maca from Peru.

This maca has been produced with organic certification in the field and processes and marketed directly, you can be sure to consume maca with the MACA JUNIN-Peru designation of origin.

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