¿Qué es el toronjil?

What is lemon balm?

With the scientific name Melissa officinalis, lemon balm is a perennial, hemicryptophytic herb, with creeping herbaceous stems, slightly lignified at the base, with a quadrangular section and up to almost 1 m high, slightly hairy. The branches are erect and annual. It has opposite leaves, clearly petiolate, up to 9 x 7 cm, with an ovate blade and a toothed margin, deep green in color, with a hairy surface.


  • The active component of lemon balm is an essential oil, which is composed of different aldehydes and sesquiterpene alcohols: citral, citronellal, geraniol and linalool. Of these compounds, the essential oil is the main responsible for the sedative properties of this plant.
  • It also has an important tonic and stimulating effect on psychic functions, from which its name 'lemon balm for grief' derives .
  • In parallel, a sedative virtue on states of tension is described. Due to this second property, it is indicated to treat problems of the heart and digestive system. Excellent sedative for nervous problems due to the stress of everyday life. Soothes headaches .
  • In difficult menstruations, it stimulates the period and relieves menstrual pain.
  • The hot infusion of the leaves is sudoriferous to be used in case of colds and flu, and it also has a proven antivirus effect, thanks to the polyphenols and tannins.


To infuse it, place the bag in a cup, add boiling water and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. It can be sweetened with sugar or honey.

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