¿Qué es la muña?

What is the muña?

The muña is a bushy, woody plant that reaches 0.80 to 1.20 meters. tall, leafy on top; erect and pubescent.

Its stem is branched from the base and has small, serrated leaves.
Its flowers are white and are gathered in short clusters.


The benefits of muña are mainly used as an infusion. The leaves are delicately extracted and taken to boiling water to finally become a powerful elixir that soothes stomach ailments.

For this reason, it is the drink that should not be missing after a horrendous banquet, as it will help prevent the food from wreaking havoc later.

Two important minerals are present in its composition: calcium, which helps keep the bone system in good condition, and phosphorus, a substance that, apart from providing energy, contributes to the functioning of the kidneys and prevents muscle contractions.

Likewise, it has retinol, which improves the appearance of the skin, allows cells to renew, closes the pores of the face and, in case it is a focus, helps reverse the damage caused by photoaging.

It also has small doses of iron that prevent anemia.

If you visit the Peruvian mountains and are afraid of the famous altitude sickness, an infusion of muña will help you regain strength and deal with the symptoms that this illness causes.

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